The Mechanics hosted an Exhibition between 4th and 8th Sep by Dr Carole Binns and Ray Greenhough titled ‘Who Lived in a House Like This’. It revealed the hidden heritage of the street demolished for the construction of Bradford University.

There was a showing of Archive film footage regarding the local school ‘Carlton Street Board School’ being demolished.

The exhibition was hosted daily by Trish and Ray.  Dr Binns gave a talk on the 5th

The picture (above left) shows Ray answering questions from visitors about one of his WW1 Display Boards.

The picture (above right) shows one of the Display Boards showing each street’s contribution to the armed services.

The ‘These also served” database has been updated with the names of 44 Nurses and 80 names who were involved with the Low Moor Munitions factory explosion.

This database is for Servicemen who are not on the Bradford or National Rolls of Honour and civilians who worked as part of the war effort. If the readers of this post have any information on a person who meets the criteria could you please let us know

Mic, WW1 Bradford Group Chairman, opens the new commemorative display that is now situated in the Town Hall, 2nd floor, just outside of the Debating Chamber. The opening was attended by a large number of guests who afterwards were provided with a buffet and refreshments in the Banqueting Hall

The ‘Names recorded on Bradford Memorials’ database have been updated with 80 records from Salem Church Roll of Honour and 52 records from St Johns Church (Little Horton) Roll of Honour. Both these church’s have been demolished.

Many thanks to reader contributions who loaned and/or donated these Rolls of Honour. Without the names being available for transcription they would have been lost to their descendants.

The transcription of the National Roll of Honour complements the Bradford Roll of Honour in that it provides addition data to that  of the Bradford Roll of Honour.

Some names are included on both the Rolls of Honour and there are also  addition names included on the National Roll of Honour that do not appear in the Bradford Roll of Honour.

The National Roll of Honour includes a short biography of the persons service. This biography has not been fully transcribed due to space constrictions but has been summarised.