Commemorating people from Bradford and those who were involved with them in World War 1.


Commemorative Panels

A collection of 25 project pages documenting events, newspaper articles and perspectives relating to Bradford during World War 1.

People Search

Here you can search our archives for the names and known details of people from Bradford who served during World War 1.

Bradford WW1 Group

More information about the Bradford WW1 Group, our aims, projects and activities.

Bradford in the Great War

Source of information & knowledge relating to Bradford during World War 1.

What’s On

Bradford WW1 Group scheduled meetings and activities, including ways to get involved.

Have A Question?

The Bradford WW1 Group is happy to hear from you if you have a query. Contact us here.

Help us to remember

Lest we forget.

Share your story

If you had a family relative or friend from Bradford who lived or died during WW1 – tell us their story.

Soldier details

Please contact us if you can help with any details of WW1 soldiers from Bradford.

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